About Me

I was born in sunny Florida and lived there until shortly after I married my precious husband Jim.  Since then, I have live in Texas and truly believe I was born to be a Texan.  I love everything about Texas, including the history, the yummy food, and the people.  I totally understand what Dorothy meant, when she said that there is no place like home.

Jim and I have these two amazing children and I love hanging out with them.  When they were little, I thought I wanted them to stay young forever, but now that they are on the verge of adulthood, I love this age.  They are fun and funny, they have these goofy personalities they inherited from both of their parents, and they make me smile when they laugh. And I have come to accept that while my son is in the car, I will not get to listen to my radio station; come on, who’s idea was it to put a remote control in a car, anyway?

DSC_0027 (1)I love this picture of my husband and me.  It’s so different from how we usually are.  He is often the one making silly faces, while I am trying to get everyone to be serious for a minute.  What can I say, we are a fun family, we laugh a lot.

I recently had one of those moments, you know the one… when you realize that you are suppose to be doing something and you know that doing it will change your life. In those moments, you have to ask yourself, “do I move forward with this and take a risk or do I just stay where I am?”  I chose to move forward.

Some of my favorite things:

-My iPhone – I know, I should be ashamed

-Mickey Mouse – Yep, long time HUGE fan

-Pandora Radio

-Summer Shopping Trips

-Shoes – Actually, this one may be turning into a problem


-A really good book, especially historical fiction in Texas

-College Football


-The Texans



-According to my children – WORK! What can I say, I work at my church and I love it.