I?m going through a season. My mother had a stroke, and I went to Florida to help take care of her and my younger siblings.? It didn?t seem like that big of a deal when I decided to go; I?ve always had a busy schedule, so taking on this new reality will be a breeze.

I couldn?t have been more wrong.? I didn?t think about how it would affect me to get up every day, get the girls ready for school, get them to school, go to the hospital, get the girls from school, get supper together, homework, baths, stories, bedtime, wash, rinse, and repeat. I fall into bed every night exhausted, having little or no time for anything other than schoolwork.

Somewhere along the lines, I realized I was missing something vital.? I was missing my prayer time; I was missing my time with Jesus.? In all the rush to get everything taken care of, I wasn?t taking care of myself, and I miss the most vital part of my life because of my new obligations.

I let chaos take precedence over priority.

Even after I realized what was going on, it was still difficult to set aside time to seek the Lord and talk to him like I so desperately needed. So, Jeannie Blackmer?s book, Talking to Jesus, came at just the right time.

??????????? Talking to Jesus is a reminder that prayer is a conversation with Jesus, taking a look at different people in the book of Matthew and their conversations with Jesus.? From the Leper to the Disciples, Blackmer uses a unique way to tell the Biblical story and gives a Personal Response to make the stories more relatable in our modern world.

?No matter how discouraged or disgusted you may feel with yourself, no one is unworthy of Jesus? touch, no matter what.? ? Jeannie Blackmer

Each devotion also has a Reflection section with scriptures to help you talk to God through your situation and an Observation section with questions to prompt you to dig deeper.

We all have real-life situations where we struggle with finding our voice with God.? Talking with Jesus is a great book to help you find your voice and slow you down for a few minutes to spend much-needed time, talking to Jesus.

“One of the great privileges as a believer is the gift we’ve been given to talk to Jesus as our redeemer and our best friend. Pray persistently with faith, thanksgiving, and humility. Pray with others and for others. Pray without ceasing and then watch and listen.”

For your chance to win a copy of Talking to Jesus, leave a comment below; I would love to hear how you make time to talk to God.